5 Must Do’s & Don’ts for a Successful Youtube Channel

A Successful YouTuber need these following five basic things in the beginning to start a YouTube Career with a bang but, before explaining that, you must know the most common but very important reasons of failure of most of the newbies in this YouTube industry and these are as follows Don’ts

  • Selecting a Wrong Niche
  • Irrelevant Channel Name
  • Long Length & Short Length Videos on a same channel
  • Using short cuts or illegal ways to promote channel
  • Inconsistency
  • Wrongly targeting the audience
  • Imitating others

So, now lets talk about Do’s

  1. Selecting a Correct Niche
    First of all, I would like to explain you that what is niche? Niche is basically the category, the genre or the theme on which you will work and create content  on YouTube. The correct niche selection is very important for a great start and a wrong niche selection will always result in failure. Before creating your channel you must need to question yourself that
    – In what you can do best?
    – What is the most interesting thing for you to do?
    – The type of work that you can do consistently for many hours?
    – What is your most favorite task that makes you happy and you do not get tired of doing that even for long hours?
    So, these are some example of questions that you should ask yourself to explore your inner and then plan the correct category or niche of your channel. Avoid choosing a niche that makes you tired or burdened if this is the case, then it is surely not in your interest and will not work for long.
    The correct niche is basically that in which your mind works differently and in a creative manner and there should be a wild storm of ideas in your mind and definitely there will many creative ideas in your mind if you will be able to explore a correct niche.
  2. Unique Channel Name
    The channel name selection plays a very vital role and it should be unique and should be short. A YouTube Channel name should not be more than 1 or 2 words and there should no channel with the same name on the entire YouTube, because when someone will search your channel name if its short and unique, it will start to show in search results very soon right after creating the channel and anyone with your channel name will be able to search your channel very easily and if your channel’s name is attractive, unique and short and when YouTube’s algorithm will recommend your videos to the unique viewers, then most of the viewers will be attracted to your video and will open it and in this way the more clicks will be earned which will further result in more views, more watch time and of course more subscribers.
  3. Video Length
    In start, Along with the content quality you should also focus on the total video length, because it is directly proportional to your watch time target which is 4000 hours in 365 days. So make a good content with a considerable video length which should not so short nor so long and the smart video length is around from 8 – 12 minutes and in this way, you will be able to create good length videos and that will help you in achieving your watch time target soon, but make sure that your video is not getting boring if you are increasing the video length your audience are the people who should find your content interesting and due to that your viewers will watch your video complete and this will help in ranking your video and this is the way to get more subscribers, more watch time , more views resulting in more income.
  4. Consistency
    Consistency is required in everything in life If you want to achieve something in your life, then you should be consistent and one will be consistent if the task he or she is doing on daily basis is right according to the interest. YouTube algorithm automatically detects the upload frequency of the up-loader and if the content is good, coming on daily basis and getting engagement by the audience, then there is no reason for not growing your channel.
  5. Targeting Audience
    Before starting, you must know that who are your targeted audience. Targeted audience are basically your clients, your viewers who will watch your video and you should have knowledge about all the demographics that from which age group, gender or country you will get more views and in this video you will filter the people that are right according to your content and they will love to watch your content and in this way there will be a steady and constant increase in view count, subscriber count and also the watch time will be boosted to the target very soon. The content creator should know that WHO , WHY & from WHERE the audience will come and search for the content which the creator is creating and for that you must do the very strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specially in starting and also from on-wards.

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