How to complete 4000 Watch time on YouTube?

As we already know that according to the youtube’s monetization policy, you should meet the minimum requirements to enable your channel for monetization and these requirements are as follows

  1. 2FA (Two Step Verification)
  2. No Community guideline Strike
  3. 4000 Hours of watch time in 365 days
  4. 1K subscribers

The first two are very easily achieved by default, if you are creating your own content, but the last two are a little bit challenging and tricky to achieve in a shorter period of time specially for the new youtubers.

As far as the watch time is concerned here is an alternative trick to achieve 4000 hours watch time in only 2 – 4 days or maximum a week.
This method is totally free, easy and safe and to make this trick work you must have 5 – 6 good length videos of about 5 minutes or more uploaded on your channel.

Here is the free software named Chrome Profile Generator used for this purpose and you can easily download this software by simply searching its name on google or by clicking the download button at the bottom of this article.

How to use Chrome Profile Generator Software

First of all, you need to download this software which is totally free and after installing it, this type of interface will be appeared.


And now you just need to select the number of windows that you need to create. Let’s suppose I want to open 20 windows at once, I will write 10 here as shown in figure


Please Watch this youtube video to use this software.

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