How to Create an Eye Catching thumbnail for your Youtube video?

If you are a new or an old youtuber, you should know the importance of thumbnail that you use for your videos because around 80% of the viewership on your youtube video depends on your thumbnail, the viewer who is scrolling on youtube will definitely click your video if he/she finds your content interesting by watching your thumbnail and for that you can take example of yourself that you always click the thumbnail or anything on the internet which is interesting and different.
There are many ways to create an eye catching thumbnail and you can use a lot of free softwares or applications on your mobile phone or PC.
Here are some of the characteristics of a good thumbnail

  1. Your thumbnail must be HD (High Definition Image)
  2. Size must be correct which is 1280 X 720
  3. Precisely detailed
  4. To the Point
  5. Relevant (According to the Content)

It is not important that you should be a photoshop expert to create a perfect thumbnail for your youtube videos, If you are then its great, but majority of people are not using photoshop and they are creating very good and eye catching thumbnails for their content. I will share some of the softwares and apps to create a perfect thumbnail.

  1. Photoscape
  2. Youtube thumbnail generator (Android App)
  3. Canva
  4. Thumbnail Maker (Android App)
  5. Banner Maker (Android App)

There are other good applications and softwares to create an eye catching thumbnail to increase your video views.



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