How to Protect your Youtube channel from Demonetization?

If you are a content creator at youtube and getting good volume of traffic and good viewership then you need to take care of few things. Youtube’s policies are changing every month and to improve their overall system, they are working continuously for the viewers as well as the content creators to improve the service. Many creators on youtube are working very well and are earning huge money but most of them are unaware of the change in policies and they continue to work as they are working since past years and their channel gets demonetized or banned for life. Why this happens?
Here are some of the common mistakes that the content creators do

  1. Misleading Content
    This means that if you are working on youtube then you must have a channel niche,, on which you create content and you must be with in that particular niche to avoid problems like demonetization, but some content creators create irrelevant content that is not related to the niche of their channel so in this regard, youtube may delete the video, demonetize that video without any warning email and if a creator do this mistake multiple times then the channel gets ban for life along with the adsense linked to the channel.
  2. Misleading Thumbnail
    This is another blunder that most of the good content creators do to get more views (ClickBait) they make thumbnail that is not even related to the video inside the thumbnail and also the viewer will not like this thing and may unsubscribe you because this is something illegal to do. According to the You tube algorithm these videos are detected automatically and the channel gets banned without any prior notice or warning.
  3. Misleading Tags
    Many famous You tubers in the past years lost their channels for life even after creating their own content and with the relevant thumbnail, then why their channel got ban? This is due to the misleading tags (Keywords) that they used in their videos while doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So the tags must be relevant to the video otherwise, the channel will be banned forever and one person can make adsense only one time in his/her entire life.
  4. Invalid Clicks
    This is also a very common reason of monetization disability. If a family member has a youtube channel and there are other people in the family are viewing the content again and again on the same internet, then it will result in invalid clicks and youtube’s algorithm can detect these invalid clicks on daily basis and there is a certain limit for that after that your channel will get disabled for life without any warning notification.

As a youtuber you must take care of the little things to avoid the permanent closure of your channel.

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