How to protect your Youtube channel from hackers?

If you are running a youtube channel and earning from it, then it is very important that you must protect your account from hacking because hackers use different ways to ha your channel and link your channel to their adsense account to earn from your content or they can upload copyrighted or adult content on your channel which may result in permanent closure of your channel as well as your Adsense account and you may be banned for life for using these services. This may be a nightmare for any Youtuber who is working from years and the one who’s primary source of income is Youtube.

Here are some techniques that are used by the hackers to take control over your Gmail account which is linked to your Youtube Channel, you should beware of their illegal techniques

  1. Sponsorship Email
    when your channel is active and you are getting a considerable amount of traffic on your channel then of course you will get sponsorship emails from different companies that are related to your niche. They will need your services to market their products or services in your videos and then they pay you a very good amount of money for that, but sometimes you may get a fake sponsorship email and these hackers do the same, they send you an email which will look like a professional email, but its not in reality so how can you differentiate it? How can you be able to know that it’s a fake email or from a genuine company? For that, there are very simple & easy ways to recognize that.
  • Check the Email address
    Firstly, you need to check the email address, if its from a company domain such as let us take an example here if any marketing professional emails you its email must have the company’s domain name such as “ [email protected] “ or something like that, but when a hacker emails you it will be simple email address like “ [email protected] “ or any other email service.
  • Do not open the link
    If you are not sure, then do not open the link that is given in the email. The hackers often send a website’s link to open and ask you to check out their services or to download the specific software. You must check it on any device on which you never used your same gmail id that you use for your youtube channel or adsense. First verify the website then open the link on your device.
  • Avoid Phishing Attack
    The hacker will send you email along with the website’s link to visit and to download a software from there and when someone get’s trapped, they download the software and install it on their PC and this results in a complete disaster because no one can protect your channel to get hacked, because they bypass the google’s security even 2FA(2 Factor authentication) and you get the message that your google account account has been disabled, this is very disturbing for a person who is creating content on daily basis, because the effort will be wasted within seconds.

How to Protect your gmail account linked to your youtube channel and Adsense?
There are 2 simple ways by which no one can open your gmail account without your permission even if someone knows your password

  1. Enable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)
    The 2 factor authentication is very very important for you to enable on your Gmail account so that you may get notification whenever an illegal activity happens on your Gmail account or whenever someone tries to log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Use Security Key
    Only the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is not necessary to fully secure your Gmail account, you must need to use a security key, this key works in such a way that even if someone knows your password that person will be unable to log in to your account without that security key, this USB type security key is true companion which allow you to access your content according to your permission.

So, to fully protect your account both the above things should be done and you will be 100% secured from the hackers.

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