How to start Youtube as a career

This article is specifically for the individuals who want to make YouTube channel for living and they can be students, job persons or unemployed but, skilled. So, the question here is that Can we opt YouTube as a career? Can we totally rely on YouTube to fulfill our financial needs? And the answer here is YES, WE CAN.
Now the second question is HOW?
The answer to the second question is in the below paragraph. If you will read this till end then many of the confusions and myths in your mind will be wiped out and you will definitely learn new and productive tips for your YouTube channel.
Here are some important points which should be cleared before planning to start your YouTube career. Many people create their YouTube channel without any proper planning,  by just imitating the other successful You-Tubers and try to copy their content but most of them or even 100% of them fail this is because they just think that they can also earn that huge amount of money as others are earning and here is the biggest mistake that most of the newbies do and start to create content which is not according to their interest and after creating 5 – 10 videos the ideas in their mind are finished as a result they leave by assuming that this is very difficult. This is not the case actually, If someone is really serious to start his/her YouTube career, then the first thing which should be kept in mind that AS A CONTENT CREATOR ON YOUTUBE IS NOT A JOKE, this is because there is a lot of competition and there are thousands of content creators that are working very well and are earning in millions, So one should have to compete with them by creating a different and unique content which should be engaging for the audience so that a good watch time and viewership is achieved resulting in a successful YouTube career.
Here are some PRO-TIPS for the NEWBIES

  1. Selecting a Correct NICHE
    Most of the people create their channel and start to work and they really do very well in the start but after 10 – 15 videos when they do not get that much response as they expected, they just stop uploading the content and then they leave, this is because of selecting a wrong niche. If you select a wring niche for your channel you will get bored after creating few videos and this will also result in poor quality content, because if something is not in your interest, then there will be no creativity in your mind and after some uploads your mind will stop working, you will get very low view count and automatically you will quit your newly started YouTube career. 99% of the You-Tuber’s quit their content creation on YouTube just due to the wrong niche selection.
  2. Do not Imitate Others
    Its not necessary that if you like someone’s content and that particular content creator is getting considerable amount of views and you think that you can also get that view count by creating the same content, this is a totally wrong approach because copying someone is always bad and this will not work for long and for that you should add some value to the content and making it unique and different from others will result in more viewership.
  3. YouTube can change your life
    One cannot deny the fact that YouTube has changed and is continuously changing the life of many around the globe and the content creators are becoming millionaires in few years. This is due to their seriousness towards their YouTube career and the quality content creation. You can be one of them and you can be one in your family who will overcome the financial stress and break the financial barrier. If you want to raise your life standard to the next level, then YouTube is there for you and you can start your content creation today.
  4. Starting YouTube Channel as a Part Time Job
    If you are a student or doing job, then you should continue your studies and job and have to start your YouTube channel as a part time because if you are studying, then of course its very important to focus on studies first and YouTube content creation should the secondary thing and on the other hand If you are doing job or working some where then you have to manage time after your work timings or at the weekends and its not a good idea to quit your job at start to focus only on content creation, but you can quit your job when you are getting a stable income which is much higher than your job, because after spending 4 – 5 years on content creation at YouTube, you will be famous enough to work on other social media platforms there will be a lot of sponsorships, different companies will approach you to market their products in your videos & at that stage, you will not require any of the job.

So, there were some of the important points for the newbies thinking to start their second source of income by creating a YouTube channel and in the end here are some of the important things that you should keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to become successful content creator, there is no shortcut or any other way to increase your view count or subscriber count other than the consistency and the quality content creation.
There is no approach needed to push start your Career as a YouTuber, this is only you who can be a millionaire in few years by starting from the scratch as many others and you can be the next. So, do not go for the shortcuts or other illegal ways to promote your channel otherwise the algorithm of youtube is strong enough to ban you for life or to disable your monetization.
Here is the link to the video in which I have explained all the above points in more detail.
Have a look.
Wish You Good Luck !

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