Scam that Pakistani Telecommunication Companies are doing with people

There are 4 leading telecommunication service providers in Pakistan

  1. Jazz –Warid
  2. Telenor
  3. Zong
  4. PTCL

These companies are the only providers of telecommunication services like 2g, 3g or 4g in Pakistan and every Pakistani has to rely on any of them to avail the telecommunication services. Taking benefit of their monopoly these companies are publically scamming people in different innovative ways in the name of subscriptions that the end user even do not need.
The mobile balance drains at the speed of light after recharging your balance until you must purchase an expensive mobile package of their choice on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
In the name of high speed internet like 4g is the highest at this time in Pakistan, they often provide you a very low speed internet at a very high rate and often their services can go down without any prior notice. They are working according to them but not according to their customers and they are charging a huge amount of money but providing very poor services to their customers.

These companies can scam you in different following ways

  • Out of Balance
    Your balance may get drain at anytime without doing anything and when you complain them their representative will say that its deduction of the free internet service that the company provides a few mb’s to every user on daily basis, but the they claim that the service is free, but in fact it is not.
  • Loan
    These Companies attract their customers to get loan from them at very easy installments, but unfortunately it is a complete fraud because they make it very easy in start when you are getting loan from them, but then at the time of returning their loan they make it difficult for user due to which when the user gets late in its payment, they charge a very heavy amount of interest even more than 50%
  • Insurance Calls
    If you are using JAZZ CASH or EASY PAISA services and have good money in any of these accounts then their representatives often call you to sell insurance policies and try to convince you to take the service without your consent and they may deduct money from your JAZZ CASH or EASY PAISA account by giving you a complete false information.
  • Slow Speed Internet
    If you are using an internet package, they make it slow on purpose so that you use as little data as they want and expire your package at the given expiry time even you are left with huge amount of GB’s internet, all goes into waste.
  • Caller Tone Calls
    Often, you get a call from one of their representative in which they ask you to set a specific ringtone and even after disagreeing they set an unwanted caller tone on your number and charge you on daily basis.

The complaint system is also very poor and unresponsive which may take even a week to rectify the minor issue.
PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) should take a very strict action against these scammers and the end users should also limit their services according to their needs.

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