Adding Instagram Account to Business Manager

In the digital world, the field of marketing is expanding in new ways, in which the role of social media advertising is important. Through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp brands share their images, videos, and messages with people. Meta Business Suite is a helpful tool provided to businesses to effectively manage Social media ads.

Meta Business Suite is a powerful platform that helps optimize the management of ads across various social media platforms. In the world of internet marketing, Meta Business Suite provides businesses with a very simple and functional tool to manage their advertising campaigns on various platforms in the most effective way.

Features and Benefits of Meta Business Suite

  • Easy campaign management: Meta Business Suite improves the management of Instagram advertising campaigns. Through this, businesses can make specific targeting, publishing and other settings for their ads.
  • Order of suggestions:ย The Meta Business Suite provides businesses with suggestions to meet the needs of different targets. By using Instagram user lists, advertisements can be made more interesting to the receiving users.
  • Different Ad Formats: Meta Business Suite offers various Instagram ad formats such as carousel ads, image ads, video ads and Instagram stories.
  • Creative Tools: The Meta Business Suite also provides business with creative tools. Through this, businesses can use specific techniques to make their content more interesting.
  • Harmony: Meta Business Suite connects all social media platforms with Instagram. Through this, businesses can transfer their advertising campaigns to Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger etc.
  • Universal and Diverse Uses: Meta Business Suite can be used in a variety of ways, such as for business analysis, exchange information, and communications.
  • Developed trading prospects: This suite improves and develops business operations, which improves and simplifies business functionalities.
  • Fast and efficient performance: This suite makes your business functionality faster and efficient, saving time and money.
  • Expansion and development facility: Meta Business Suite allows your business to grow easily and allow you to start new projects.
  • International Trade: With the help of Meta Business Suite, your business can grow internationally and gain the benefits of trade around the world.

Meta Business Suite Commerce Manager

Meta-Business Suite Commerce is a commercial and business manager who organizes and streamlines business activities. It provides an efficient and technical approach to allow business spices to improve and grow. Some of its features include:

  • Management of miscellaneous business information.
  • Facilitate the management of buying and selling information.
  • Supervision and guidance of trade matters.
  • Preparation of speeches in different business styles.
  • Facility for managing financial matters.
  • Invoice preparation and custody facility.
  • Provision of analysis and analysis of business spices.
  • Strengthening business delivery and facilitating the exploration of new opportunities.
  • Facilitating forecasting and managing current and future trade targets.

Meta-Business Suite Commerce Manager is an important and essential tool for all businesses that helps to improve and serious business activities.

How to Set up Facebook & Instagram Shops with Commerce Manager?

So what is Facebook Commerce Manager?
This is for businesses that are actively selling on Facebook and Instagram platforms. Without a Commerce Manager account, you cannot run certain types of ads,and you also will not be able to set up a Facebook or Instagram shop. Commerce Manager can be used for physical but also digital product sellers as well.
Now, I will guide you the whole process step by step.

  1. Create a Facebook Business Page:
    Create this page for your business because this is from where your shop will be arranged.
  2. Ensure Eligibility:
    You should make sure that the type of business you want to run must meets the Facebook’s eligibility criteria for selling the products.
  3. Setting up your Shop:
    Its very easy to signup a shop in commerce manager you just need to follow the prompts while setting your shop and need to provide details about the nature of your business which includes your business address, currency & customer service email.
  4. Add Products:
    After setting up your shop, now you can start adding products. Upload at least 3ย  HD (High Definition) images, detailed description for every item you are selling.
  5. Connect your Facebook & Instagram Accounts:
    To enable shopping on Instagram, you need to connect Instagram account with Facebook business account. Its very simple to do that Go to Instagram settings, select “Business” and just follow the prompts to connect your Facebook page.
  6. Tag Products:
    After connecting the account, now you can start tagging the products in your Instagram posts and stories, while creating a post or story select the “Tag Products” option and select the items you want to tag.
  7. Review & Publish:
    Just take some time to review all the settings and make sure that everything is looking great. Now you can publish your shop and products once you are satisfied.
  8. Monitor Performance:
    Keep an eye on your shop’s performance and metrics with in the Commerce Manager. You need to Track sales, Customers engagement and other relevant data to optimize your shop and improve sales strategy.
















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