Types of Whatsapp Applications

Whatsapp is one of the main social platform which is used by almost everyone having a smart phone, Even it has now almost replaced the 2g calling feature in our mobile phone provided by our network provider because its very cheap and even free for the people using home Wifi. The audio & video call quality on Whatsapp is great and it has also replaced almost all of the video calling applications. There a lot of other great features on Whatsapp like status/story sharing, message delete after sending, online payment and you can also run your business on Whatsapp application named Whatsapp business, So there are basically officially 2 Whatsapp applications

  1. Simple Whatsapp ( for normal end users )
  2. Whatsapp Business ( for business personals )

There are a lot of other types of Whatsapp which are actually unofficial and 3rd party applications created by different developers some them are as follows

  1. GB Whatsapp
  2. Whatsapp Plus
  3. Whatsapp Gold
  4. GB Whatsapp
  5. Yo Whatsapp

And many more..

As these are the third party applications so there are a lot of features in them which you can never find on the main official Whatsapp such as

  • Recover deleted messages

    Means that if someone sends you a text message on Whatsapp and delete after sending, then you can recover that message very easily, in fact in your text box, that particular message will not be deleted and the other person who deleted the message after sending will never get to know that his/her message is not deleted.

  • Recover Deleted Photo/Video

    Same goes for picture and video, its not deleted from your phone and it will be saved in your gallery automatically

  • Download Status/Story of anyone

    You can download anyone’s story or status in your contact list without requesting them to send that particular picture or video in your inbox

  • Freeze Last Seen

    You can freeze your last seen according to your choice, If you want to ignore someone or pretend to offline while online, then you can set your last seen according to your time.

  • Last Seen of your choice

    You can also set the last seen of your choice even a year before while having active on the application

  • View once Feature (Disabled)

    The view once feature that whatsapp provides to its end users allow someone to send and see a picture or a video only once and after that no one is able to see it again, but in these whatsapp applications this feature is disabled by default and you can see that particular video or a photo multiple times and the sender will never know this.

  • Multiple Custom Themes

    There are a lot of custom themes provided by these third party applications and you can set a theme of your choice

There are a lot of other features these third party Whatsapp applications provide to the end user.


There are a lot of risk factors in using these types of apps, as these are the third party apps so it means that these apps are not from the official developer (meta) and of course they discourage and can even ban you from using their services on the same number if you use these unofficial versions, Secondly, there is a big risk of your data safety, because you do not know that from where this app is originally is and who is the original developer of that app, so your data may be compromised because you do not know that who own this app and normally these applications are actually the cracked versions of the original ones and are developed by the individuals or a group of few anonymous people, so you should not completely rely on them and use their services.

Third party applications are totally not recommended for a longer period of time and they should be banned and discouraged to use because they can be banned anytime and the user may gets also banned for life for using the services of the official provider.


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