Top 5 best Online stores in Pakistan

From the past few years, the E-commerce business has grown very speedily and one of the main reason for growing of this online business is the covid-19, because when everything in the world got shut, the online stores were the only option for the people to order the different products of their choice online. Now, even after everything has become normal, people still prefer to purchase online because it is very easy, hassle free because you do not need to spare time to go outside and purchase the items you need. The E-commerce business is still growing and a lot of people are earning from this business very well.
There are different websites serving in Pakistan, I will share top 5 leading websites operating right now

  1. DARAZ
    Daraz is one of the leading and most used E-commerce website in Pakistan, where you can find everything like grocery items, smart phones, laptops, PC’s, Clothing, footwear, jewelry items, crockery, makeup accessories, electronics, spare parts, automobiles and automobile accessories, furniture etc.
    There are thousands of people who order on daraz on daily basis and a lot of sellers are earning very well be selling their products on this platform.
    There are numerous sellers on Daraz and all are the locals and anyone can start his/her business
    on daraz without any investment.
  2. OlX
    Olx is the second most used plat form for online shopping in Pakistan and it is operating here since decades. You can find anything from here and mostly the used / second hand items are sold here like mobile phone, furniture , car accessories , electronics etc.
    If you want to sell your unused item, then olx is the best option for you to sell it very quickly and at a way better rate than the local market.
  3. ELO (Export Left Overs)
    This is one of the biggest online shopping service for buying export quality clothes and all the wearables targeting all the age groups and both genders. If you want to buy good quality clothes at a very cheap rate, then you have the only option which is ELO.
  4. Clicky
    This is a new player in the market but is doing very well by providing a wide variety of items like footwear, tshirts both for men & women, formal and informal clothing. They provide the best quality products to their customers with a very good customer service.
  5. Price Oye
    If you want to buy a latest phone online with a very cheap price even than the local market, then Priceoye is the best option for you because they provide you a wide variety of mobile phones of every company and along with the cell phones, they also deal in laptops, smartwatches, earphones, tablets and all other mobile accessories at very cheap rates.

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