Top 6 AI Marketing Tools (You Do not Know about)

Discover the Top 6 AI Marketing tools to boost sales and lighten your workload. From content creation to ads and email campaigns, automate tasks in seconds.

1 – Gravity Write

If you’re weary of composing prompts on Chat-GPT for each task, then Gravity Write is your solution because it’s an AI-powered content writing tool that caters to all your marketing needs, including website blog posts and social media content. Moreover, it handles ads, email content, and more. In particular with Gravity Write, you can generate all these with just a click, eliminating the need for prompts for each task.

In Gravity Write, search for what you want to write, like a blog post. Enter your topic, and voila! Your blog is ready.

Content Package:

Additionally, the content package feature in Gravity Write simplifies content creation for your business, among other benefits. Describe your business once, then generate marketing content effortlessly with just a single click.

  • Homepage.
  • Ad Copy.
  • Social media posts.
  • YouTube video ideas.
  • Blog ideas.
  • Videos script to promote your business.

Enter your post details once to instantly create social media content for multiple platforms.
Furthermore, other tools are tailored to your needs. Uncover how Gravity Write can elevate your content creation process. Consequently, search for “Gravity Write” on Google to visit the site.

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2 –

This tool lets you create stunning websites in just seconds we all know websites are a big deal for businesses today but it takes a lot of time and effort to create one with this tool you can instantly create amazing custom websites for any brand or business just select what kind of website you want and it’s done in a couple of seconds

Customize design, colors, and content effortlessly with built-in AI. Simply describe your website’s purpose and layout preferences. Click “generate,” and voila! Your website is ready, complete with relevant content, images, and services.
Now, if you’re dissatisfied with this design, simply click here to generate a new website. Let’s explore this site; it surpasses the previous one.

Now remember we can only get three tries to generate a new website now let’s say you want to change this heading and add some content here just click here and you can type your text

For example, clicking “here” and selecting “Improve Writing” will prompt AI to generate a new heading. Similarly, you can modify this section by selecting it, then clicking “AI magic” and choosing “Improve the Writing.” Additionally, you can also change the images on this website.

Selecting an image and clicking “here” to add your image, or you can choose “this” and search for the desired picture. I’ll opt for “this,” and there you go, the image is changed. Lastly, to make this website live on the internet, simply click “publish.”

and you’ll get a link to this website let’s click that and you’ll see the finished website on the internet now as you can see this is our current domain name and it does not look professional

If you desire a better domain name, you can add a new one easily. Navigate back to this tab and click here for the option to add a domain name. Let’s proceed by clicking it.

and it will ask you to get a plan so you can go through this and get the plan that you want.

3- Creator Kit

Creator kit let’s say you have a great product now to present to your customers you need to spend a lot of time and money on the product shoots and creating a professional photograph but this tool lets you skip all that by creating stunning product photographs like this with any image of your product let me show you how just go to

click here and click Create with AI

now you can select any style you want here or you can go here and give prompts to create your own the image

First, choose your product category and select a style. Subsequently, proceed by clicking “continue.”Upload a photo of your product and the background will be automatically removed.

but you can just adjust the size and place the product where you want it on your photo finally, click continue and we’ve got a stylish product image.

if you’re not satisfied with the images click render again for new and better results are amazing.
To download the image, simply choose any image, select your preferred format, and click “export.” For high-quality downloads, consider upgrading to a Pro Plan.

now if you don’t want to pay for it

just go back right click on any image open a new tab right-click again and save this image make sure you type jpg here and click save easy now if you want to upscale the quality of this image you can use a tool called replicate.

4- Waymark

This tool automatically creates professional video ads for your business or your product take a look at this ad was created within seconds impressive right let me show you how just go to and click make a video.

This tool can create a video ad based on the contents of your website so just enter your website URL here.

and click Search it will go through your website and collect images and details about your business here you can give instructions on how you want the video to be if you want to focus on any particular product or service on your website you can mention that here

If you wish to modify something in the ad, simply click on “edit” and proceed. Here, you’ll find options to adjust the video, including changing text, music, logo, and the link displayed in your ad.

5- is a revolutionary tool for social media marketers. Generate captivating posts, images, and content instantly. Simply input your post topic to see AI magic!
first, go to

Click to select the type of post you desire. Explore various templates for video, single images, or slides. Choose a template or let AI select one randomly.

after your very own social media post is ready to publish this post just click share

therefore, choose the platform where you intend to publish. Additionally, you have the option to schedule the post for a later time. Click “schedule” to set the publishing time, and it will be posted accordingly.

6- Google Workspace Lab

For enhanced productivity, Google now integrates AI across its platforms like Gmail, Google Docs, and Sheets. Enable Google Workspace by visiting the provided website for smoother workflow.

scroll down check these points click submit

and that’s it you will get AI assistance on Google Workspaces

let’s say you’re using Gmail and if you want to compose a mail you can see we’ve got a new Option here called Help Me Write so let’s click it

Select “Now you can ask AI to write your email,” type your desired email content, and click “Create.” Edit as needed.

Google Sheets:

In Google Sheets, click “Help Me Organize” to create a table for tracking your marketing campaign. Afterward, input your preferred details.

and click Create and your table is ready how amazing is that now?

Google Docs

Click the option, and ask AI for help writing anything, like a product description for your new item. Then, click Create.

Click “insert” to add the description to your document easily. Try these features out now. That’s it!

These are the top six AI marketing tools I’ve given the links to all these tools so go ahead and start using them and let me know in the comment section which one you like the most. if you find this article helpful please share it with your friends & colleagues.


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